Daer Diary,

My cable internet went out for many hours last night. I had the shakes after hour two. Going to Warped Tour today and should have a post up later tonight. Have to go now so I can try to find a shirt that implies I'm not trendy.

Oh, I also found out last night that Lynn found this diary. She's a smart one. I guess she was bound to know all that stuff anyway, so no big deal. And I don't have to worry about censoring myself,either. I've found that when you set impossible goals to reach, in this case Lynn, then you can do or say pretty much whatever you want - you can't really mess it up. What, instead of not being interested is she going to be really not interested? Doubtful. Anyway, if you like my posts, don't expect anything to change. I sure don't.

Spork-master out. (<-that makes me seem hardcore. I read that somewhere)

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07.23.03 / 8:14 a.m.
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